Saturday, February 28, 2015

Hopscotch layout-HWBH

Welcome to the Hearts of the West team blog hop!

If this is your first time joining us you will love it. It features Close to my hearts Consultants from all over Canada showing you their projects. The hearts of the west team was founded by Nancy Klein.
This months challenge,  hand picked by Nancy Klein, is to use the Hopscotch paper pack, found in CTMH's  Annual Inspirations.
If you came from Chelsey's Blog then you're in the right place, this is a circle blog hop so you can start anywhere!  So grab your coffee, tea, water, relax, and hop around the team with us.

For those of you who have followed my blog you know that I love mini  albums, 
so this month might come as a surprize to you....12x12 layouts.      

below are a few tips on how I created these layouts.
I used grid paper to make aliening every thing easier
then I adhered the finished banner to layout
See below
One last note
This paper pack is only available until March 31
(click here to order)

Now off to   Heather's  blog to see her creation.

Thanks for joining
come back next month to see what creative projects we can bring to you! 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Like my facebook page and follow my blog for a chance to win this mini album. 
Once I reach 100 likes on fb page-- Just a TAD Crafty 
and 150 followers on my blog
I will make a draw from all the names for this cute memory keeper.

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Spring Retreat in Beautiful Sundre Alberta, March 20-22nd

What are your plans for March 20-22nd? Why don't you join me atRustlers Lodge for 2 or 3 days of scrapbooking and pampering? I will be on hand to guide you in discovering the multiple ways of recording and preserving your memories--digital, pocket scrapbooking or traditional. I will have a mini store on hand, so if you forget something don't worry. Space is limited. Cost $140-$295 depending on number of days and type of room.
Click here for full details

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday's Tips--Print it before it's gone.

This is the sad truth. 
Today's generation is so caught up in taking pictures, that they don't really think about preserving them. This is, of course, a blanket statement, because there are some people who do take a million pictures and then print the best ones, saving these memories for generations. Who are these people....many of them are scrapbookers.  However, regardless of who they are,  they all realize that the digital world is fast paced and ever changing and ever advancing.  And because of these very characteristics it is also not reliable.

This is my view and it is based on fact.
Here are a few facts/questions.
  • Many pictures are "saved" on facebook, instagram, etc....what happens if you let that account go?
  • You save your pictures on a memory card, What do you do when they quit making readers for that card?  Do you remember the 256mb SD cards? 
  • You saved all your pictures on your hard drive and your computer crashes?
  • Do you have pictures of your great grandparents?  What are they printed on?

Now, don't get me wrong.  I love the digital world.  Because of it I can share these pictures from the past with all of you.  Pictures of my childhood.  And the actual "pictures" live in a scrapbook, complete with journaling, so future generations will know who these people where.

So, one last reminder.
Print it, before it's gone.
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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tuesdays Tips--over 100 card ideas

This week's tip is so simple, that I sometimes forget to use it, or them.
Close to my Heart has a wonderful assortment of How to Books.
Each book is filled with a sketch and detailed instructions on how to create that special card or layout.
The Originals Card Confidence Program has 100 sketches,cutting guides, and detailed instructions and is only $16.50 in Canada.
 And if you rotate those sketches, or create mirror images of them, you have 100's of ideas just waiting to be used.

The Make it from You Heart Collections feature 1&2 page layouts and a selection of card instructions.

These are awesome products, perfect to help you be a creative genius.
In fact you can see some awesome creations made using these products by clicking here

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

3 Cards from 1 Sketch CCBH

Welcome to CTMH Cross Canada Blog Hop.  Your previous stop should have been at Christine's
This month's Cross Canada Blog Hop takes you on an instructive adventure. Our challenge  make 3 to 5 Cards from designs in one of Close to my Hearts-- How to Books
I decided to use "Originals"-- Card Confidence Program   This book features 100 different card patterns and is only $16.50 in Canada and is available through me or through your local CTMH consultant.

This is my first card

And it uses the Card Sketch "First Impressions" found on page 11
(actually all three on my cards use this pattern)
Below is a picture from the book
showing you how easy the patterns are to read.

Now, you can make a card exactly like the pattern, or you can tweak it a bit.
I tweaked mine.
I started cutting the pieces exactly like the pattern said
and came up with image below.
nice but a little bland
so I tweaked it.

Pretty simple.
Rotate the card, and you have totally different look.

 And here are all three cards

And because I really hate following directions
here is a forth card.  using basically the same pieces and layout
but I've tweaked things up a bit more...
Used a tag instead of one of the rectangles,
rounded a couple of corners, etc.
The point is that these How to books are just beginning.
Once you are comfortable with following the directions
start playing around with your pieces.
You may be surprised at how talented you are!

Now hop over to 
to see what wonders she has created

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Wedding Invitations simple & stunning

It's getting to be that time of year again...
Love is in the air
People are tying the knot
Here are a few samples of wedding invitations I have made over the past few years.

I made this one or (should I say 80) for my daughter-in-laws' sister
We made a day of it. 
The invitation had three tags, which we ran through the printer 
one was the ceremony, one was the RSVP and the third  hotel accommodation

This was one of my first bulk orders.
My niece and I made 180 of these in one weekend

This was my latest batch.
My nephew is getting married this weekend.
And again with a little help we made 160 of these in two days.

Thanks for stopping by. Please leave a comment. And if you are thinking of getting married and want to make your own invitations I would be happy to consult with you.

Tuesdays Tips--the beginnings of a mini album

Over time I have created a biz-zillion mini albums (well maybe not quite, but it feels like it)
And over time I have created a few short cuts.
Here is my #1 short cut

I have created a stash of images that with a little trimming here and there
 and the addition of a few holes punched

becomes the template for 
 for any number of mini albums.

When creating an album template I start with one image
 from the artiste cartridge that has the holes punched in it
As I cut an image I write the details on it
the page, the cricut cartridge and the size (noting if it is real dial size or not)
Once I have a blank template
it is easy to improvise and be creative.

The template above became both of these albums

Now its your turn.  Get creative, think outside the box.  Who said a mini album has to be square?

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